No Fair! Podcast

I got a huge kick out of the first segment of This American Life about a pre-school class where tattling was getting WAY out of hand. Kids evidently have a very keen sense of justice from a very early age.

This is one teacher’s solution: install a recordable red old fashioned push button phone and let the kids use it to tattle!

They call it the “tattle phone.” It reminds me of another This American Life episode where some folks in Japan set up an old fashioned telephone booth out in the middle of nowhere for the express purpose of calling friends or family who had passed away. People would emerge from the booth feeling better mostly, though a few sobbed at missing their person. The phone booth had a line of people waiting to make their calls! I think both of these podcasts speak to the beauty of simply expressing oneself, relieving oneself of burdens, sharing words, if even to no one in particular. This can be especially cathartic when a person feels a sense of injustice as strongly as these preschoolers seem to. Have a listen!

One thought on “No Fair! Podcast

  1. Shawn, during my time as an Elementary school counselor, I know several kiddoes who would have pulled up a chair and chatted in that red phone until the dismissal bell rang!


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