Republiturds or Libertards?

A recent comment on a blog: “It’s not about what I’m saying about them. It’s about what I want to do to them, and that is unprintable.”

…..putzes, diabolical, dangerous, narcissistic, con artists, a dangerous cult, The Great White Hope, the Great White Hoax, drumpf, T-rump, perverts, sex traffickers, cannibals, democRATS….

“Trumpism as innuendo and intimation, the wink and the revelation.”

“With a change in leadership, get ready for socialism!”

A recent Vanity Fair article by Jeff Sharlet describes the current administration as “mobius strip politics…a populist elite, a mass movement of “free thinkers all thinking the same thing.”

A recent Remnant TV video shared by @aussieskeptic insists that President Trump is a capitalist, not a globalist…never will be one of “them.”  “The future does not belong to globalists; the future belongs to patriots.”

T is on a “mission from God to expose and destroy the hidden demons of the deep state.”

“Sleepy Joe will zap all of our energy. That’s what “they” want to do! Zap our energy.”


     Did you ever imagine your future as an adult ducking or hurling such epithets? Isn’t this what teachers everywhere describe as bullying and unacceptable behavior for civilized people? Aren’t young students reprimanded for such talk?  Later, students learn that, according to the Constitution of the United States, First Amendment rights protect a person from government suppression of speech or personal expression. They can say whatever they want, they believe. Then later, as adults, the details come into focus a little more and students learn that they may write or say whatever they want as long as it doesn’t hurt or impinge upon the rights of another. Defaming another’s character or presenting fraudulent information is supposed to be off limits. Yet here these words swirl everyday in our Twittersverse and on our talking television walls. Whose messages are seeping into your world view these days?

     This calls to mind The Butter Battle Book, written by Theodor Geisel, the well known author of children’s books, better known as Dr. Seuss. In this book, a grandfather takes his grandson out to a wall to witness the ramping up of tensions between the Yooks on one side and the Zooks on the other.  What is all the dissension about?  One side believes it is best to butter their toast butter side up.  The other insists the best way to prepare toast is always butter side down.

Each side engages their best creative minds to construct weapons to take the other side out once and for all on account of their “faulty” beliefs.

     In today’s world, the weapons may be real, or perhaps simply words intended to maim, deflect, defame, or present circular reasoning that could lead to a “better world” created in the recesses of one’s own imagination. Do you believe butter side up or butter side down will bring YOU a better chance for making American tough or great again?  Who will, in the end, press the final button–a Republiturd or a Libertard?

      Hopefully it will be all of us. Pressing buttons in our voting booths in November.  It’s the only way to show which party’s beliefs are most in favor in this increasingly divisive country that we find we ourselves in today. Regardless of how you will vote, “Vote like your life depends on it. Because it does,” as former First Lady Michelle Obama said.

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